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List Description
520mev-ops DCR ops
Ansys ANSYS forum at TRIUMF
ariel-snapshots Weekly ARIEL Snapshots
Ariel2team ARIEL-II team mailing list
Atlas-group For everyone at TRIUMF in ATLAS or Tier 1 groups
ATLAS-ITk-group People working on ATLAS ITk in Vancouver
Atlas-physics-group For people doing physics analysis on ATLAS at TRIUMF.
beam-delivery-updates Regular updates on beam delivery at TRIUMF
Calendaring Bedework Calendaring pilot at TRIUMF
CFAT Computing Facilities at TRIUMF
Comsol-users [no description available]
data_science_and_quantum_computing [no description available]
Employment-opportunities TRIUMF Employment Opportunities Announcements
Experimental-program TRIUMF Experimental Program Announcements
FLUKA-users FLUKA users at TRIUMF
Geant4 Geant4 users at TRIUMF
grads TRIUMF graduate students
Griffin-analysis GRIFFIN data analysis forum
GRIFFIN-Collaboration Users of the GRIFFIN Spectrometer at ISAC-I
Grsi-users [no description available]
Isac-Journal-Club Isac-Journal-Club
Isac-science-forum ISAC Science Forum
ISAC-Theory-Meetings ISAC-Theory Meetings
Isosim-all Isotopes for Science and Medicine (IsoSiM) CREATE program
Learn-data-science Group that meets up to learn about data science techniques
Macosx-users A forum for Mac OS X users at TRIUMF
Mathematica Discussion and announcements of Mathematica usage at TRIUMF
Matlab-users MATLAB users
Metallurgy [no description available]
Mhesa-cleanroom [no description available]
Mms-experimental-program [no description available]
mPMT-RnD-Canada [no description available]
News-releases Public News Releases
nuprism-triumf [no description available]
Opera-users Users of electro-magnetic simulation package Opera
Particle-physics-affiliated [no description available]
Particle-physics-baes For TRIUMF BAEs in the Particle Physics Group
Particle-physics-group For all TRIUMF Particle Physicists
Particle-physics-pi [no description available]
Particle-physics-students-postdocs [no description available]
Phaar-all [no description available]
Photosensor nEXO photosensor
postdocs TRIUMF Postdocs
PowerOutage [no description available]
Sas [no description available]
sgspdcommittee Grad students And Postdocs Society (GAPS) Organizing Committee
Student-employment TRIUMF Student Job Opportunities Announcements
TARA-Members TRIUMF Alumni and Retirees Association
Test4 [no description available]
Theory TRIUMF Theory Department
titan-collaboration TITAN International Collaboration
titan-ec TITAN EC
titan-members TITAN group at TRIUMF
Triumf-ambassadors TRIUMF Ambassadors
Triumf-darkmatter TRIUMF Dark Matter
Triumf-journal-club Weekly TRIUMF Journal Club
Triumf-linux-managers TRIUMF Linux Managers
Triumf-linux-users TRIUMF Linux Users
Triumf-network-info TRIUMF Network annoucements and information
TRIUMF-publications TRIUMF publication announcements
Triumf-running TRIUMF Walking and Running Group
Triumf-seminars TRIUMF Seminars
Triumf-user TRIUMF Users Group (TUG)
Ucn Mailing list for members of the UCN group who are physically at TRIUMF
Ucn-all All inclusive international mailing list for the UCN project at TRIUMF.
Ucn-analysis Discussions and announcements concerning UCN data analysis
Ucn-ca Canadian members of the UCN project at TRIUMF.
Ucn-pi Canadian grant eligible members of the UCN project at TRIUMF.
Undergrads All co-op, undergrad or equivalent students currently at TRIUMF
Videoconferencing Video Conferencing at TRIUMF

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