[TRIUMF-Experimental-program] Reminder about MMS-EEC (June 26 and 27, 2008)

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Fri May 9 13:35:45 PDT 2008

To spokespersons intending to submit proposals or reports to the next 
meeting of the MMS-EEC (June 26 and 27):

Please note that the deadline for submissions is midnight, *Tuesday, May 

Submissions are only accepted via the TRIUMF on-line system.  In 
addition, submissions to the MMS-EEC must conform to the following rules:

*  The length of the Detailed Statement of Progress (for ongoing 
proposals) or Detailed Statement of Proposed Research (for new 
proposals) should not exceed 4 pages  (with figures and references 
included). The font size should be Times Roman 12 pt or equivalent. 
Publications should not be included as part of the proposal; they should 
be cited in the references.

    A proposal that exceeds this 4-page limit and/or uses smaller fonts
    will in the future not be evaluated by the MMS-EEC.

*  Some references should accompany the proposal. The Committee makes 
regular use of those references to assist it in assessing the scientific 
merit of a proposal. Failure to provide references will therefore 
typically undermine a proposal.

*  In addition to those 4 pages, a single page list of selected 
publications by the spokesperson(s) should be included. The papers 
listed should be of direct and immediate relevance to the scientific 
nature of the proposal. This list should include (i) published or 
submitted papers which present results obtained from the given (and 
previously) approved beam time for the pertinent experiment and/or (ii) 
papers which pertain to investigations from other experiments of 
relevance to the proposal (including  SR or  -NMR), but not directly 
resulting from beam-time allocation for the given proposal. The 
Committee does not want to see a spokesperson's career-long publication 
list attached to the proposal.

    A proposal that includes more than 1 page of publications from all
    the spokespersons will not be evaluated by the MMS-EEC.

*  It is expected that presentations be made available 48 hours prior to 
the EEC meeting so that the Committee members may review the material as 
part of their assessment both before and after the presentations. 
(Access to the files is restricted to Committee members, who will treat 
them confidentially in the same manner as referees for journals.)

    Presentations that are not available at least 48 hours prior to the
    beginning of the EEC meeting will not be evaluated by the MMS-EEC.

*  Proposers should check to see that the work that they propose has not 
already been submitted to TRIUMF and approved for another  SR or  -NMR 

    Under most circumstances, the MMS-EEC will not approve separate,
    independent groups to study the same materials under very similar
    experimental configurations, or try to divide the study of a
    particular material among two (or more)  SR or  -NMR groups
    proposing relatively minor variations in experimental configurations
    (i.e., sample orientation, applied fields, etc.).

Niki Martin for

Paul Percival
Chemistry Department
Simon Fraser University
percival at sfu.ca
percival at triumf.ca
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