[TRIUMF-Experimental-program] Beam Delivery Schedule Update

Science Division sciencediv at triumf.ca
Tue Jun 3 10:29:10 PDT 2008

Hello everyone,

Below are some updates regarding the beam lines and the M9B solenoid.

    * The repaired BL1 extraction probe is being installed this
      afternoon (June 2). Beam should be available at limited currents
      in BL1A, BL2A and BL2C overnight. Wednesday's maintenance has been
      rescheduled to tomorrow, Tuesday, June 3. This will be a standard
      8--10 hour maintenance, starting at 08:30. Experiments scheduled
      to run following this week's maintenance day should expect beam
      Tuesday evening.

    * The M9 helium compressor broke a valve off the inlet side of the
      compressor, repairs of the M9B superconducting solenoid
      cryo-compressor have been made but a warm up of the cold mass is
      necessary to remove the moisture that was introduced during the
      failure.  Status as of today is the compressor is being pumped out
      and will be purged and pumped again Tuesday and Wednesday (June 3
      and 4). The fourth adsorber is also being pumped out it will be
      purged and pumped out Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday (June 5)
      they both will be back filled with helium and the system charged
      to a start up pressure.  Friday (June 6) we will start the
      compressor and see how it operates. If the compressor looks good,
      the system will be charged with helium to it's operating
      pressure.  The helium will be circulated through a LN2 adsorber to
      scrub out any impurities until the purity is better than 20ppm.
      Hopefully we can start cool down of the solenoid mid next week
      (June 9), ready for beam by the end of next week (June 12 or 13).

If you are receiving these updates as duplicates, I apologize.

Thank you,
Niki Martin
Administrative Assistant
Science Division
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