[TRIUMF-Experimental-program] TRIUMF Beam Scheduling Announcement

postmaster at admin.triumf.ca postmaster at admin.triumf.ca
Sat Jul 5 17:38:32 PDT 2008

Check http://www.triumf.info/facility/experimenters/schedules/ for updates.

The latest update was made with the following note:

Schedule 113 has been changed to account for the recovery of TM2. 23Mg is being delivered to DRAGON and will continue until July 14. Tigress will get a few shift sof 21 Ne to test their set up in ISACII
The TBA time in M15 (Jul23-29) will go to E 1118.
M9B is about to get started on Monday July 7th  
( However the LANL group cannot used the TBA time in M9b in July as anticipated)


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