[TRIUMF-Experimental-program] Cancellation-Tuesday Ops Beam Delivery Meeting

Science Division sciencediv at triumf.ca
Tue Oct 21 09:31:49 PDT 2008

	All Attendees
	Lia Merminga & Jean-Michel Poutissou

Please be advised that there will no longer be a Tuesday Operations Beam 
Delivery Meeting.  Over the past couple years the Beam Delivery Group 
has played a key role in interfacing with experimenters and facility 
coordinators on a daily basis.  This means that experimenters 
are up-to-date with respect to beam production on a daily basis.  The 
Main Control Room will soon have an electronic log viewable through 
the TRIUMF Web site.  These improvements, to a large extent, make 
the Tuesday meeting redundant.  In order to further improve 
communications between the experimenters and Accelerator Division staff, 
we request that experimenters provide us feedback and therefore ask that 
you attend our Monday Performance Meeting to present a short report.  
This meeting is held at 11 AM in the ISAC II Conference Room.  This is 
also the forum to give your input into the coming week's scheduled 
activities and how they may affect you.

On long weekends where the holiday falls on the Monday we will meet 
on Tuesday at 10 AM in the Auditorium.

Thank you!

Lia Merminga                                               
Accelerator Division

Jean-Michel Poutissou
Science Division

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