CMMS Update & MMS-EEC 2012 Meeting

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Mon Mar 12 10:12:47 PDT 2012

Dear Centre for Molecular and Materials Science Users,

The Centre for Materials and Molecular Science (CMMS) is in the midst of 
an extensive upgrade to our facilities, and in order to finish the work 
on the new beamlines and perform repairs to existing facilities we will 
not be providing beam to M15 and M9B until July 2012. The new M20 
beamline, which has two end stations, will be commissioned during this 
time and will be available for users experiments in September-October 
2012. In view of the backlog of approved experiments the Molecular and 
Materials Science Experimental Evaluation Committee (MMS-EEC) will not 
meet in the summer of 2012 and will not be issuing a call for new or 
continuing proposals. The next MMS-EEC meeting will be held in early 
December 2012 with a deadline for the submission of proposals 
approximately four weeks earlier.

In order to keep up with rapid scientific developments the CMMS has 
decided to implement "Rapid Access" beam time. Applications should be a 
maximum of 2 pages (8.5" x 11" written with 12 point font) and should 
concisely outline the scientific problem, explain how μSR can be used to 
solve it and why the request is urgent and cannot wait for the next EEC 
meeting. Applications should be sent to the MMS-EEC secretary (Dr. Iain 
McKenzie, iain.mckenzie at <mailto:iain.mckenzie at>) and 
will be accepted at any time. The proposal will be evaluated by the 
MMS-EEC Chairman and one other MMS-EEC member designated by the Chairman 
and Secretary. Rapid Access beam time will be awarded only in 
exceptional cases as it will supersede previously approved and scheduled 

The staff of the CMMS is aware that you are very anxious to be 
performing experiments and we will make sure the facilities are made 
available to you as soon as possible. We will provide updates of our 

Best regards,
Iain McKenzie
MMS-EEC Scientific Secretary

Miss Nicole (Niki) Martin
Administrative Assistant, Science Division&  Nuclear Medicine Division

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