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Mon Apr 23 15:26:44 PDT 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We will be holding the second ARIEL Science Workshop on July 10th and 
11th, 2012 at TRIUMF, one day after the TRIUMF Users' Group annual 
general meeting and a day before the Subatomic Physics Experiments 
Evaluation Committee meeting. The Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory 
(ARIEL) <> will be TRIUMF's flagship facility, 
expanding Canada's capabilities to produce and study isotopes for 
science and medicine. Aside from the e-linac that is already funded, the 
ARIEL project includes a second proton beam line for rare isotope 
production. Together with the existing proton target for ISAC, the 
parallel operation of 3 RIB production targets at TRIUMF will enable a 
broad spectrum of world-class science.

The scope of this second ARIEL Science Workshop is: to inform the 
international scientific community of the capabilities of ARIEL and 
ISAC; to highlight technical progress made on various aspects of the 
project; to identify unique and world-leading scientific opportunities 
for ARIEL and ISAC in all phases of the ARIEL project, particularly for 
the materials science and nuclear physics program; and to describe the 
construction and funding status as well as possibly refining the planned 
implementation scenario. Special attention will be paid to early 
implementation of a 9Be production target with 8Li production via 
electron-driven photo disintegration of 9Be.

We invite the community to participate in this rather informal workshop. 
In the coming weeks you may refer to for details on 
participation, registration, and the agenda. A special event honouring 
Gordon Ball's contributions to nuclear science and TRIUMF will take 
place just after the completion of the second ARIEL Science Workshop on 
July 11th. Information on this special event will be sent separately. We 
look forward to seeing you in Vancouver this summer.


The Organizing Committee
Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri, Chair
Greg Hackman, Co-Chair
Kim Chow
Barry Davids
Gerald Gwinner

Accelerating Science for Canada | Un accélérateur de la démarche scientifique canadienne
4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC  V6T 2A3

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