Draft Beam Schedule 122 - final meeting

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Tue Apr 24 16:05:19 PDT 2012

Dear TRIUMF Users, Experimenters, Operators and Staff,

We have generated a draft schedule for the period May 28th to September 
10th, 2012 (Schedule 122). We have taken into account all requests 
received for Meson Hall and ISAC operation, and the draft has been 
reviewed by the Accelerator Division. The experimental program will 
start May 28th for ISAC and BL2C and July 10th for the Meson Hall program.

The ISAC and Meson Hall program were both oversubscribed in the requests 
to what could be scheduled, hence preference was given to the requests 
with the highest EEC priorities. For example, for M15, we had requests 
for 3.5 times the available experimental time. For ISAC we received 
overall double the requests than time available, and in particular the 
Ta-target was requested 3.5 times more than time available for 
experiments. The muSR schedule has this time been organised and put 
together by Iain McKenzie.

For the ISAC program we have put forward a very aggressive plan for new 
targets and target/ion source combinations, in particular with a new UO2 
target and a FEBIAD source. As a result, we will provide extra time for 
beam development in this period. In addition, the acceleration of 
heavier isotopes (A>32) beam to ISAC II is a declared priority of the 
laboratory and hence extra development time has been made available to 
push this work of the High Mass Task Force (HMTF) forward. Overall, we 
were able to schedule 8 high priority experiments at ISAC including 
experiments at ISAC I (low and high energy) and ISAC II, and we have a 
total of 27 shifts for beta-NMR/NQR (including 10 discretionary shifts 
in May). We have scheduled 44 on-line shifts for beam development, 
including those for the HMTF. Moreover, stable beam experiments from the 
Off-Line Ion Source (OLIS) have been scheduled.

The current draft took many factors into account, including requested 
time windows of the experimenters and the beam delivery team, time 
needed for set-up and accelerator tuning and beam development. However, 
it is a draft. Please look through it carefully and we have scheduled 
the final draft scheduling meeting for Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 at 11:00AM 
in the TRIUMF Auditorium.

Schedule 122 can be found under "Drafts" at 

All the best,
Niki Martin
for Jens Dilling

Miss Nicole (Niki) Martin
Administrative Assistant, Science Division

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