Request for Proposals for TRIUMF Commitments, 2015-2020

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11 June 2012

*To:TRIUMF Research Community*

*From:R. Kruecken, Head, Science Division, TRIUMF*
*                        T.I. Meyer, Head Strategic Planning & 
Communication, TRIUMF*
*Re:Request for Proposals for TRIUMF Commitments, 2015-2020*

Owned and operated by a consortium of 17 Canadian research universities 
with core operations supported by the Government of Canada through a 
contribution agreement via National Research Council Canada, TRIUMF is 
starting to prepare its Five-Year Plan 2015-2020 (see URL

Committed to serve Canada and to fulfill its objectives in science, 
technology, and innovation, TRIUMF is requesting proposals for any and 
all activities that might involve commitments of TRIUMF resources and 
expertise to develop the next five-year plan.

A short template outlining the requested information is available at URL you have 
a suggestion, a proposal, or an expectation that will involve, engage, 
or impact TRIUMF, we request that you complete the template and submit 
the information to 5YPSC at <mailto:5YPSC at>.The deadline 
for submissions is September 17, 2012.

TRIUMF's Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC) will review, 
analyze, prioritize, and recommend an action plan to the TRIUMF director 
based on these submissions.Ongoing activities, proposed new activities, 
and blue-sky opportunities are all welcomed and should be submitted.

Please e-mail contributions, questions, and comments to 5YPSC at 
<mailto:5YPSC at>.

PPAC will meet in mid-October 2012 to review the submissions and prepare 
a prioritized plan for TRIUMF's consideration by early November 2012.


Tim Meyer        Reiner Kruecken
Head, Strategic Planning & CommunicationHead, Science Division

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4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC  V6T 2A3
Tel:  604-222-1047

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