Update: Meson Hall Schedule & CMMS Program

Science Division sciencediv at triumf.ca
Wed Jul 4 15:35:51 PDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

Further to our earlier announcement of a possible liquid helium shortage 
in the next few months, I am happy to report that despite the production 
shortages we were able to secure a supply of liquid helium that allows 
us to go forward with the CMMS program for muSR and betaNMR/QMR as 
currently scheduled in Schedule 122.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Reiner Kruecken

Dr. Reiner Kruecken
Science Division Head - TRIUMF
Professor of Physics, University of British Columbia

4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC  V6T 2A3

phone: 1.604.222.7365
fax:   1.604.222.3791

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