Final Beam Schedule 123 - posted online

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Wed Aug 29 15:41:49 PDT 2012

Dear TRIUMF Users, Experimenters, Operators and Staff,

After the draft schedule meeting and discussion, we have finalized 
Schedule 123 (September 18th – December 21st, 2012) with intensity 
reduction starting December 5th, 2012. The final version is now onlineat

For the muSR program Iain McKenzie put the schedule together and most 
requests could be honoured, however some overall backlog remains and EEC 
priorities were applied in the decision-making process.

For the M11 test beam line, 4 requests were received (plus one teacher 
demonstration experiment for one afternoon). All four will receive beam, 
but due to time constrains on the experiment side, some reduction of all 
4 requests was necessary, but satisfactory allotment was possible.

For ISAC, we planned to run 4 different target/ion sources, with the 
first three defined, and the last one (either TiC+surface or SiC + 
FEBIAD) depending on progress of TM3 and demand from users. After 
receiving the requests, we decided to change the planned UCx + FEBIAD to 
UCx + surface, and committed to TiC + surface. We received a total 
number of requested shifts of 235 shifts. Out of this we had a shift 
request of 100 + 57 for ISAC beam and betaNMR beam, 42 shift requests 
required beams from targets that were not available, and 37 shift 
requests for off-line beam (OLIS). Overall we were able to schedule 84 
ISAC shifts (84%), 34 betaNMR shifts (60%), and 100% OLIS requests. In 
addition we allowed for 32 shifts of beam development (this includes 
laser-ion source, high mass delivery to ISAC II, and new target material 
developments). For the ISAC beam schedule EEC priorities were also applied.

Please feel free to contact me for clarifications, or if you have 
additional comments and questions.

Jens Dilling

Dr. Jens Dilling
Head Nuclear Physics/ISAC  TRIUMF
Physics&  Astronomy University of BC
Tel/Fax 1 604 222 7413/1074
JDilling at

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