T2-M9 Update

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Mon Oct 22 15:48:26 PDT 2012

Dear TRIUMF Users, Experimenters, Operators and Staff,

The blank-off of T2-M9 is progressing well and the process is on schedule.

As indicated in my previous email on this topic, we have considered an 
extension of the 'normal' current operation of BL1 in order to make use 
of some unique opportunities this year.

A number of factors where taken into account in the discussion between 
the Accelerator Division and the Science Division. A conclusion has been 
achieved where the following factors have been considered, in particular:

  * Unique experimental conditions for M13, PiENu
  * Unique experimental conditions for M11, detector tests
  * Experimental test requirements for PIF
  * Required cool-down period of the cyclotron and beamlines and
    required shutdown time for operation in April (given by proton
    therapy schedule)

The following plan was made and is reflected on the online Schedule 123:

  * Extension of 'normal' current operation of BL1A by about one week to
    December 10th, 2012
  * Request of PiENu to run low intensity (I > 1muA) for calibration for
    4 shifts, up to December 12th, 2012
  * Run of low intensity beam for PIF up to December 20th, 2012

I apologize for the inconveniences and please feel free to contact me 
with questions or clarifications.

Jens Dilling

Dr. Jens Dilling
Head Nuclear Physics/ISAC  TRIUMF
Physics & Astronomy University of BC
Tel/Fax 1 604 222 7413/1074
JDilling at triumf.ca

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