[Geant4] New Geant4 release: 8.2

Frederick Jones fwj at triumf.ca
Thu Jan 25 15:37:28 PST 2007

Geant4 release 8.2, with compiled libraries for RedHat 9 and
Scientific Linux 4, is now available on TRIUMF Linux systems
as follows:

	/triumfcs/linux/geant4/RH9/8.2/     (compiled with gcc 3.2.2)
	/triumfcs/linux/geant4/SL4/8.2/     (compiled with gcc 3.4.3)

To build your G4 application using these libraries, copy the
file G4SETUP to your working directory, source it, and run "make".

The libraries are compiled with OPENGL visualisation enabled.

Note that as of release 8.2 the category "physics_lists", which
formerly had to be built separately, is now part of the
main source tree.

Release notes for Geant4 8.2:

Source-code browser:



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