[Geant4] Geant4 release 9.3.6 available

Frederick Jones fwj at triumf.ca
Thu Jul 8 15:17:28 PDT 2010

Geant4 release 9.3.6, with compiled libraries that can be used
on Scientific Linux 4 or 5, is now available for TRIUMF Linux systems
on the path:


With the phase-out of IBM00 I am now providing only a 64-bit version
of Geant4.  It was built on TRCOMP01 (SL4) but will also work on
TRCOMP02 (SL5) and should work on other 64-bit SL4 and SL5 systems
that mount /triumfcs.

To build your Geant4 application using this release, copy the
file /triumfcs/linux/geant4/9.3.6/G4SETUP to your working directory,
source it, and run "make".

The libraries are compiled with OPENGL and OpenInventor visualization

Release notes are attached.  This release contains many bug fixes
as well as a number of new developments.

Source-code browser:



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