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Subject: 	Geant4 Tutorial @ MD Anderson Cancer Center, June 25th-27th, 2018
Date: 	Wed, 28 Feb 2018 13:27:14 -0600
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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the next Geant4 Monte Carlo tutorial by
the SLAC Geant4 development team will be hosted at MD Anderson Cancer
Center, Houston, TX, from June 25th to 27th, 2018.

This is a three-day hands-on course based on the newly released Geant4
version 10.4.  The course will cover all the application domains
including high energy and nuclear physics, astrophysics and space
engineering, but will focus more on the application of medical physics.
A special topic on the application of Geant4-based TOPAS Monte Carlo
system in medical physics will be also presented.

The lectures will cover all aspects of the toolkit of Geant4 from basic
installation to advanced topics, and will be interspersed with hands-on
sessions during which participants will build a progressively more
complex application extensible for real use.  The course should be of
interest both to complete novices and to those who already have some
basic familiarity with Geant4.  Participants are expected to have a
reasonable knowledge of C++ and Linux OS. Each participant will receive
a certificate after completing the training.

We do not provide computers for the hands-on training during the
tutorial. Participants are recommended to bring their own laptop,
preferably with Linux OS or macOS installed.  For users who have Windows
OS, it is recommended to have a Linux OS virtual machine installed, or
be able to connect to a remote desktop or cluster with Geant4 installed.

The registration fee is $600 per participant covering the tutorial,
breakfast, lunch and refreshment only. The on-line registration will be
closed after June 1^st , 2018 or after all the available 80 seats are

Here is the link for the registration website.


The agenda and lectures from past tutorials by SLAC team can be found at
the SLAC Geant4 Tutorial Course website:

Link: http://www-public.slac.stanford.edu/geant4/Tutorial.asp

Please help forward this announcement to your colleagues who might have

Best regards!

Fada Guan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Radiation Physics

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, TX, 77054

On behalf of the local organizers and the SLAC Geant4 team


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