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Subject: Geant4 Advanced Course @ CERN
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2020 16:04:22 +0000
From: Gabriele Cosmo <Gabriele.Cosmo at cern.ch>
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  As follow-up of the beginners course held recently at CERN, the
  Geant4 team in collaboration with the Technical Training team at
  CERN, will undertake a new advanced two-and-half days course on
  Geant4 at CERN on March 24th-26th, 2020.


  The course is intended for users interested to improve their
  understanding and usage of Geant4, for creating intermediate and
  advanced applications in any domain, with emphasis on topics most
  relevant to experiments in High Energy or Nuclear Physics.

  Lectures will cover the most advanced features of Geant4 starting
  from the basic building blocks covered in the beginners course,
  interspersed with discussion sessions.

  Participants are expected to have a reasonable knowledge of C++.

  The cost for the course is 100 CHF and registration is required. A
  limited number of places are currently available, to fill seats not
  taken up by CERN experiment users. These places are available on a
  first-come first-serve basis to qualified applicants. A waiting list
  for the course will be active when the registration slots are full.
  Registration for anyone is now open (note: payment system will be
  enabled during next week).

  Best Regards,

  Gabriele Cosmo, John Apostolakis


  Gabriele Cosmo                         mailto:Gabriele.Cosmo at cern.ch
  Phone: +41 22 76-79636                 Fax: +41 22 76-68046
  Mail : CERN EP/SFT, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland

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