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Subject: 	Info for TRIUMF grad students
Date: 	Mon, 19 Sep 2011 10:34:36 -0700
From: 	Jennifer Gagné <jgagne at triumf.ca>
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Could you send this to our grad students?




Accelerating Science for Canada | Un accélérateur de la démarche 
scientifique canadienne

Jennifer Gagné (Kaban)
Web Publishing Coordinator
Vancouver, BC

> 	*From:* David Ng <db at interchange.ubc.ca>
> *Date:* September 19, 2011 9:35 AM
> *To:* Jennifer Gagné (Kaban) <jgagne at triumf.ca>, Sherri Tran 
> <sherri at ubclts.com>, Derek Tan <derek.tan at beatymuseum.ubc.ca>
> *Subject:* Looking for grad students to participate in my lab's 
> Science Creative Literary Symposia...

> Looking for grad students to participate in my lab's Science Creative 
> Literary Symposia - which is a fieldtrip program where the grad 
> student will be paired up with a MFA Creative Writing student.  More 
> details can be found at 
> http://www.bioteach.ubc.ca/science-creative-literacy-symposia/ but 
> we're basically looking for two grad students who are either in the 
> area of biodiversity or of physics (astro a bonus).
> I'm hoping there a student or two you can recommend and let them know 
> of this opportunity.
> This is a paid position, comparable to TA wages, and will likely 
> involve about a total of 8 x four hour sessions, scheduled throughout 
> the academic year (note if there is willingness on the instructor and 
> teacher demand, we can do more).  It's also a pretty unique experience 
> - not very often a science grad student gets to collaborate with a 
> creative writer.  The two writers we have on board have interests in 
> Young Adult LIterature and Science Fiction.
> cheers
> dave
> -- 
> Dr. David Ng
> Director, Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory
> Michael Smith Laboratories, University of British Columbia
> (t) 604-822-6264 (f) 604-822-2114
> (e)db at interchange.ubc.ca  <mailto:db at interchange.ubc.ca>  (w)http://bioteach.ubc.ca
> (tw) @dnghub (p)http://about.me/davidng
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