[grads] Whistler Student Pass

Henning Heggen heggen at triumf.ca
Fri Nov 9 12:00:29 PST 2012

Hey All,

Did any of you PHD Students purchase a Whistler Student Pass for this 
upcoming season and got it already?

I am asking because they are giving me a hard time getting it although I 
had it last year as well. It would be good to know if anybody got it. 
And please don't be affraid. I will not go an tell them person X got the 
pass so I should get it as well or something.

Thanks for any hint,


Henning Heggen
Graduate Research Assistant
4004 Wesbrook Mall,
Vancouver BC, V6T2A3, Canada
Email: heggen at triumf.ca
Phone: +1 (604) 222-1047 #6830

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