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Mon Aug 18 21:18:31 PDT 2014

Dear Grad Students and Postdocs,

For this month's event, *please sign up* for participation at so we can get an idea of how many
pizza's to order!

This month's event will be a collaborative talk between a TRIUMF
particle theorist, Travis Martin, and a UBC-ATLAS experimental
physicist, Zoltan Gecse, on Friday, August 22nd, 12:00-1:00pm. This is a
talk given collaboratively by two researchers, giving two different
perspectives on the present and future of particle physics. This talk
will be made accessible for non-experts!

For more details about the talk, see below.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!
Your SGSPD Committee

*PS: *Alejandro and Jonathan are also organizing a *pub night* for
Friday evening! The location is still to-be-determined, but keep it in
mind if you would like to show up and drink some brews with your TRIUMF

Title: Exploring supersymmetry at TRIUMF - a collaborative
theory/experiment talk

Speakers: Zoltan Gecse and Travis Martin

Abstract: Supersymmetry (SUSY) is one of the most studied theories of
beyond the standard model physics, and models of supersymmetry are
currently being tested at the LHC. At TRIUMF, SUSY is being studied by
both particle theorists and ATLAS experimentalists - and often in
overlapping domains, allowing each group to benefit from the expertise
and results of the other. This talks brings together two TRIUMF
researchers - one from theory and one from experiment - to discuss the
motivations behind researching SUSY, describe some of the results of the
searches for SUSY at the LHC, and try to establish the context of these
results within the bigger picture of particle physics.

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