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Dear Fellow Grad Students and Postdocs,

On Fri April 11 at 12:00, for our next Grad Student and Postdoc pizza
gathering, we welcome you to the 1st TRIUMF graduate student and postdoc
Jamboree in the auditorium. This Jamboree is like a 3 minute TED talk
competition about YOUR work! See the attachment for complete details if
you are interested in presenting! There WILL be a prize awarded for the
best talk!

For this first Jamboree, only the first 15 talks to sign up will be
included due to time constraints. But everyone is invited to watch, learn
about your work mates - and maybe get ideas for your own talk at future

Please sign up on this Doodle poll:
-indicate pizza preferences
-interest in participating in the Jamboree (first come first serve!)

And don't forget to check out the attachment for more details if you are
going to participate!

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