How well do you know TRIUMF?

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Tue Oct 28 11:54:35 PDT 2014

Dear Grad Students and Postdocs,

For Friday's (Oct 31st) event we have organised a tour to TRIUMF. The
people attending the event will be divided into groups of 10 and visit 5
different experiments/facilities (one from each division of TRIUMF) where
there will be a contact person to guide us.
The analytical schedule has as follows:
12:00 - 12:10ish: Introductory talk (Auditorium)
12:15ish - 13:30: Tour in 5 facilities;
	a) ?-NMR (Material Science)
	b) TIGRESS (Nuclear Physics)
	c) ATLAS (Particle Physics)
	d) 500 MeV Cyclotron (Accelerators)
	e) Proton Therapy (Nuclear Medicine)

Pizza will be served before the workshop (11:45-12:00)

All those who intend to attend this event, please register here:


Katerina Katsika

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