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Hello all,
Please see the below advertisement for the Science Communication
Mini-Workshop this Friday.

You SGSPD Committee

*You’re Invited: Science Communication Mini-Workshop this Friday, August 21*

Dear TRIUMF Community,

Theoretical physicist turned science communicator/journalist/designer/artist

 David Harris <http://sciartica.net/biography/> (more info on David below)
has just arrived at TRIUMF for a two-week artist residency spanning August
18-31. Feel free to introduce yourself to David (MOB 83) and make him feel
welcome at the lab.

While visiting TRIUMF, David will present a science communication
mini-workshop *this Friday, August 21 from 10:45 am to 12:15 pm*. All
members of the TRIUMF community are invited to attend. Details below.

Lisa Lambert

Head, Strategic Communications


Science Communication Mini-Workshop: Designing solutions for communicating
science (Scientists are designers too)


David Harris <http://sciartica.net/biography/>, theoretical physicist
turned science communicator/journalist/designer/artist and recently
appointed online editor of Nautilus <http://nautil.us/> magazine

*Where *

TRIUMF Auditorium

For those unable to attend in person, it will be streamed at

*When *

10:45 am to 12:15 pm PT (includes Q&A time)

Friday, August 21, 2015


Science Communication Mini-Workshop: Designing solutions for communicating
science (Scientists are designers too)

*“A well constructed theory is in some respects undoubtedly an artistic
production.” – Sir Ernest Rutherford*

*“Design is the synthesis of form and content.” – Paul Rand*

This mini-workshop will present a design-thinking framework that is useful
in communicating science in both outreach and scientific publication
settings. While seemingly quite different on the surface, the scientific
method (primarily analytic) and design methodologies (primarily synthetic)
exhibit considerable overlap. Both are used when communicating science,
though scientists tend to use a scientific approach.  How this framework
differs from a typical scientific approach to problem solving also will be

Communicating science always requires finding solutions to difficult,
ill-defined problems.  E.g. an effective popular-level presentation for a
general audience is challenging partly because it’s an innately human
endeavor with no right or wrong solution. In such cases, “design thinking”
frameworks, though rarely used in science and science communications, are a
powerful approach to problem solving.  Design thinking consists of a
holistic set of analytic and synthetic steps involving various modes of
thought and processes. Design thinking is user-centered, collaborative,
experimental, and biased toward action.

In the end we’ll find that scientists are designers too, and that reframing
the intellectual toolkits on hand can be useful for scientists when
communicating science.
About David Harris

David Harris <http://sciartica.net/biography/> is a theoretical physicist
turned science communicator/journalist/designer/artist who has worked
internationally in print, radio, television, and online. He was the
founding editor-in-chief of Symmetry magazine, a particle physics
publication, and recently started up the front magazine section of the
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
America (PNAS). He has been head of media relations for the American
Physical Society and deputy director of communications at SLAC National
Accelerator Center. He is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts degree
in Digital Arts and New Media at University of California, Santa Cruz, and
has just been appointed online editor of Nautilus <http://nautil.us/>
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