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Anadi Canepa canepa at triumf.ca
Fri Jan 30 11:33:15 PST 2015

Dear grad students and postdocs,

The Winter Nuclear & Particle Physics Conference (WNPPC, http://wnppc.triumf.ca/2015/ <http://wnppc.triumf.ca/2015/>) is fast approaching, and TRIUMF seems to have quite a number of students and postdocs giving talks. The best way to prepare for these types of oral presentations is to practice the talk and get constructive feedback. So, we are organizing a "practice WNPPC" for TRIUMF students and postdocs.

We propose that each student or postdoc present his or her ~15min talk. Following your presentation, selected TRIUMF scientists acting as reviewers will meet with you to give you comments that will help improve the overall quality of your talk. If you are interested, please fill out the doodle poll below with your name and the title of your talks before MONDAY FEBRUARY 2ND: http://doodle.com/5x9v4x2y2hht2t5t <http://doodle.com/5x9v4x2y2hht2t5t>

Of course, if you are not presenting at the WNPPC, but are interested in learning more about some of the research going on at TRIUMF, feel free to come and sit in!

Katerina and Sebastien.


Anadi Canepa
Director of the Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers Program at TRIUMF

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