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If you didn't sign up for the Nordion tour yet (this Thursday, 7th April
@2pm), here is your chance. The tour will include the following stops:

-Appiled Technology Group (ATG) Control Room
(history of the compact cyclotrons at TRIUMF, Medical isotopes produced,
the TRIUMF - Nordion connection, general operation)
-Walk through of the ATG and Nordion facilities
-ATG Machine Shop
(Demonstration of the components used in isotope production, targets

If you signed up already - thanks!

Your GAPS committee

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Subject: TRIUMF Tours
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Dear all,

An opportunity to tour the radioisotope production facility at Nordion
is currently available and could be scheduled for next week, Thursday
7th April at 2pm. The tour will last around an hour and efforts will
made to ensure we don't exceed 1.5 hr. You will require a badge

Please respond directly to this email if you are interested so we can
gauge the interest in this tour.

Your GAPS committee

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