PHYS565: Applications of Isotopes in Science and in Medicine

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Dear all,

Please see below for details on an interesting new course arranged by
IsoSiM, "Applications of Isotopes in Science and Medicine".

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Hello everyone,

Looking for another course to take this fall? Check out PHYS 565:
Applications of Isotopes in Science and Medicine, an interdisciplinary
course with hands-on experience taught by accomplished instructors.

Isotopes are used every day in diverse fields that include medical
research, environmental science, characterization of new materials, and
investigations of the foundations of the universe. To address the
increasing use of isotopes to challenge real-world problems, this course
(an IsoSiM program initiative) covers the applications of isotopes in
nuclear medicine, materials science, environmental science, and nuclear
physics in combination with the associated production, processing, and
detection technologies.

Through lectures and assignments students will both gain in-depth
knowledge on the application of isotopes and experience opportunities to
present scientific results and develop practical experimentation skills.
The course culminates in a team research project conducted at TRIUMF or
within instructors’ labs that allows students to directly apply what
they have learned in the course and experience the production,
processing, detection, and application processes firsthand. For more
information, please email isosim at  

Feel free to forward this message to interested students in your labs.


Dr. Monika Stachura
IsoSiM Program Coordinator, TRIUMF
4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver BC, V6T 2A3
Phone: +1-604-222-7401/+1-604-222-6588
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