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  Dear all,

The latest version of the attendee list for the TRIUMF Hot Spot Tours is 
attached. First tour is on *Monday 29th February at 12:30* outside the 
badge room.

For those not included in this email, the table is included below:

Erich 	OK 	29th Februrary 	12:30 	*
Ewan 	OK 	29th Februrary 	12:30 	*
Melika 	OK 	29th Februrary 	12:30 	*
Ragnar 	OK 	29th Februrary 	12:30 	*
Mike 	OK 	29th Februrary 	12:30 	*
Felix 	OK 	29th Februrary 	12:30 	*
Corina 	OK 	29th Februrary 	12:30 	*
Andrew Finlay 	OK 	29th Februrary 	12:30 	*
Ben 	OK 	2nd March 	9:30 	*
Yang 	OK 	2nd March 	9:30 	*
Roger 	OK 	2nd March 	9:30 	*
Panu Ruotsalainen 	OK 	2nd March 	9:30 	*
Andrea 	OK 	2nd March 	9:30 	*
Doug 	OK 	2nd March 	9:30 	*
Maryam 	OK 	2nd March 	9:30 	*
Claire 	OK 	2nd March 	9:30 	*
Jon Lighthall 	OK 	2nd March 	12:30 	*
Gabriel 	OK 	2nd March 	12:30 	*
Edward Thoeng 	OK 	2nd March 	12:30 	*
Lee 	OK 	2nd March 	12:30 	*
Ruohong Li 	OK 	2nd March 	12:30 	*
Matthias Holl 	OK 	2nd March 	12:30 	*
Elizabeth O'Sullivan 	OK 	2nd March 	12:30 	*
Elizabeth Pieters 	OK 	2nd March 	12:30 	*
Alex Kurkjian 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*
Carla 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*
JTS 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*
Devin Connolly 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*
Tobi 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*
Tristan Sullivan 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*
Devin Short 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*
Katerina Katsika 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*
Rudiger Picker 	OK 	3rd March 	12:30 	*(tentative)*


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Dear all,

We are pleased to confirm dates for tours of the Cyclotron Vault and 
ISAC Target Hall, beginning *next week*. Doug Preddy, Don Jackson and 
Matt Pearson have very kindly volunteered to be our guides. Each tour 
will last approximately *1.5 hours*.

If you signed up via Doodle, you have *already been assigned to one of 
the tours* in the attached spreadsheet. If anyone wishes to change the 
date/time of their assigned tour, please reply to this email. We will 
try to accommodate changes but note that a maximum of 10 persons per 
tour must be maintained.

Dates and times are as follows:

*Monday, 29th February @ 12:30
Wednesday, 2nd March @ 09:30
Wednesday, 2nd March @ 12:30
Thursday, 3rd March @ 12:30*

The tour itinerary includes the following stops:

*1) ISAC B1 / B2 levels
2) ISAC Target Hall
3) Remote handling Cyclotron mock-up
4) Cyclotron Vault
5) Cyclotron Vault/Vault Basement
Before the start of the tour, we will meet together outside the TRIUMF 
badge room at the times indicated.

You must have a *badge dosimeter* to be able to access the controlled 
area (behind the fence) and a *direct reading dosimeter (DRD)* to join 
the tour. Time has been allowed before the tour for signing out DRDs 
from the Cyclotron building - this will be our first stop. DRDs are 
signed out using your TRIUMF user name and administrative password.

If you do not already have a DRD and want to join, please make sure you 
are authorised to sign out your own dosimeter. DRDs must be signed back 
in immediately after the tour.

_Other important details_

*What to wear:* Long pants / trousers, closed-toe shoes (safety shoes 
preferred but not required). PPE (lab coats, gloves, boot covers) will 
be provided during the tour.
*Cameras: *are OK in all areas. Sensitive (or expensive) film/CCD 
cameras are taken in at their owners own risk.

Your GAPS committee

GAPS Website:http://www.triumf.ca/gaps

If you are no longer affiliated with TRIUMF, please go towww.lists.triumf.ca  and remove your self from either the grads or postdocs mailing list.

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