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Hi all,
In case you haven't seen this already, see the forwarded message from
Melissa about the NSERC video and image contests.

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Hi Ragnar,

NSERC is launching a couple contests with great cash prizes! Eligibility is
limited (mainly to researchers and Masters/PhD students) so GAPS are
certainly the right audience.

Please share as you see fit.



On Jan 8, 2016, at 12:35 AM, Melissa Baluk <mbaluk at triumf.ca> wrote:

NSERC Launches Video and Image Contests:
As part of NSERC’s goal of fostering science culture in Canada under its
new 2020 strategy, NSERC is launching two contests that challenge Canadians
to combine their creativity and science for the chance to win cash prizes.

Science Exposed is an image contest organized by NSERC in collaboration
with the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas). The contest
highlights vibrant and exciting images of the research being done in either
the public or private sector.

Contestants are eligible to win one of four cash prizes worth up to $2,000.
NSERC and Acfas will be accepting submissions until February 19, 2016.

In addition, NSERC's Science, Action! video contest challenges
postsecondary students to film a one-minute video about the research and
innovations that are transforming Canadian lives.

Contestants are eligible to win one of 15 cash prizes worth up to $5,000.
NSERC will be accepting submissions until February 3, 2016.

For rules, eligibility and more information, visit the link below.

more information.

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