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Thu Nov 3 12:31:20 PDT 2016

Dear all

Some more information on the seminar tomorrow "Panic to Power: Improving
Career Confidence" from 12-2pm in the auditorium is included below.

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See you there!

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Dear all,

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Friday, November 4th, 12:00pm -
2:00pm IsoSiM & GAPS will host a workshop on Improving Career
Confidence. The workshop will take place in the TRIUMF’s auditorium.

Do you find yourself worrying about achieving your goals? Do you feel
avoidant, unsure, nervous and slightly nauseous instead of excited,
motivated, confident, and focused? Are you stressed about your thesis,
research, or teaching duties? Are you unsure how to navigate the
relationship with your supervisor or committee? Do you dread reaching
out to other professionals, academics, or employers? Are conferences,
networking events, and "meet and greets" a source of worry rather than
You’re not alone! Graduate school can be stressful, and, at times,
overwhelming. Many Masters and PhD students have struggled with, and
overcome, feeling nervous, anxious, or worried about their future.  If
your discomfort and uncertainty is getting in your way, this is the
workshop for you.

You’ll explore:

      * Explanations for the physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms
        of nervousness
      * Ways to cope with feeling uncertain and nervous
      * Tips to help you navigate graduate student life, and how to
        embark on your job search
      * Suggestions for smart self-care and stress management
      * Techniques to identify and change negative thoughts that
        undermine your abilities
      * Examples of relaxation methods to try
Presenter: Michael More, the Graduate Career Advisor for UBC’s Centre
for Student Involvement & Career

Feel free to forward this email to interested students and colleagues.
Hope to see you there! 

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