Lectures by Prof. Rick Casten (beginning Monday at 10AM)

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Hi all,
This is a reminder that next week Rick Casten will be presenting a series
of lectures on nuclear structure. The lectures will be held
*Monday-Thursday* at *10:00AM-11:00AM* in the MOB Auditorium.
Rick Casten is a professor at Yale University, an associate editor of
Physical Review C, and the author of the widely-used text book "Nuclear
Structure from a Simple Perspective".

The abstracts for the lectures are:

·         Lecture 1: Introduction to structural evolution in nuclei: Key
observables, how and why the do what they do, interpreted with simple
models.  Phenomenological and simple microscopic models of structural
evolution with N and Z

·         Lecture 2: Structure of deformed and transitional nuclei in more
detail – focus on gamma ray transitions and B(E2) values as signatures of
structure.  Rotation-Vibration interactions and axial asymmetry.

·         Lecture 3: Semi-microscopic perspective on structural evolution,
with focus on the p-n interaction.

·         Lecture 4: More advanced topics, including seniority and its
(amazing and amazingly simple) consequences, algebraic models, and an
explanation of the Nilsson model and a derivation of the Nilsson diagram
done without any calculation, why nuclei are mostly prolate, etc

(Rick’s notes on contents:  Note that topics may flow over from one lecture
to the next. Suggestions for topics from the students are more than
welcome, before or during the lectures. Also, Rick wanted to let everyone
know that on Monday and Tuesday he’ll be holding office hours if anyone
wants to chat.)

We hope to see you there.
Your GAPS committee

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