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Hi all,
Please see the announcement below about the ISAC journal club covering
experimental and theoretical nuclear physics.
If you have not already joined the ISAC journal club mailing list and would
like to, please go to and subscribe.

Your GAPS committee


Hello Postdocs and Students,

We will be restarting the ISAC journal club, following our summer hiatus,
next Wednesday (the 14th) .

All are welcome at the journal club, which focuses on a variety of current
areas of nuclear physics research.
The journal club is an excellent opportunity to discuss and critique
research, to maintain a broader view of reading outside one's own
sub-discipline and to give students a wider view of what research is,
beyond the day-to-day of the lab.
Also there will be snacks.

Please subscribe to the journal club mailing list for future updates:
And postdocs, please encourage your new students (who may not be on this
mailing lists yet) to attend as it is a good opportunity for them to learn
and to interface with other research groups.


This week we will be looking at something outside of research topics of
anyone at TRIUMF, in-beam fission studies:

The following questions will be used as a starting point for the discussion:
How is particle ID achieved? What limits/facilitates the observed
What factors affect the fission barrier?
How are masses determined, what are limitations of the method?
What assumptions are made, how do these effect the results?
What are the limitations of extending this study further into the actinides?
What area of physics understanding does the research benefit? Is anything
surprising observed?
What is the quasi-fission process, does it need to be considered?

The Shadow Council

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