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Wed Feb 8 11:13:32 PST 2017

Dear all,

We have ONE SPOT LEFT on each of the Thursday tours (Feb. 16) -
either 10:30 or 13:30.

The list closes TODAY AT 2pm - so hurry up if you're interested!

Also - if you didn't put your email - yes you - please send us an email
with your name or sign up again with your name and email ASAP. Thank you.


Following last year's success, we are pleased to bring you the 2017 "Hot
Spots tours" - Visit places at TRIUMF that can only be seen during the
shutdown and only by registering to one of these tours!
Sign up quickly to see and hear for yourselves why and how these places
are fundamental to the lab.

 * Hurry up and register - only 8 people can go on each tour! *

As a TRIUMF student/postdoc member, these tours provide you the exclusive
opportunity to visit these restricted areas with expert guides and answer
many questions about how beams are produced and used, etc.

The tours will cover mainly the following areas and aim not to exceed 90
- Mass Separator Room
- ISAC Target Hall
- Remote Handling Cyclotron Mockup
- Cyclotron vault
- Cyclotron vault basement (RF system)

The requirements to attend the tour are:

1- Sign up to the poll in the doodle link below
BEFORE TUESDAY Feb. 7 AT NOON (11:59 am Feb. 7)
and you will be assigned to one of the available time slots:
Wednesday Feb. 15 10:30
Thursday Feb. 16 10:30 & 13:30
Friday  Feb. 17 10:30 & 13:30
Please sign up to as many slots as you can attend, because only 8 people
can attend each tour and because depending on the number of people we may
cancel some of the dates.
If you sign up after this deadline your participation may not be
guaranteed, and your desired slot may have already been cancelled.

Please make sure to write both your FULL NAME and your EMAIL.
(If you already signed up without your email you can SIGN UP AGAIN with
both your name and email and we will sort it out.)

2- You need to be able to sign out a DRD (dosimeter).
If you have your own radiation badge and you are allowed to go "behind the
fence" then you should be able sign out a DRD.
If you don't have a badge then you may not be able to join. However, we
are trying to find a solution, so please sign up and let us know if you
don't have a badge.
If you are not sure about your status you can consult with your supervisor

These tours can only take place during shut down of the cyclotron, in
coordination with the maintenance tasks.
Do not miss out on this unique opportunity!


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