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Fri Feb 10 16:46:44 PST 2017

Dear all

Please see below regarding two new outreach opportunities from TRIUMF
communications. Contact tours at triumf.ca for more details.

**Human Library Event**

We are currently looking for a physicist to help out with a Human
Library event at Gladstone Secondary School on Wednesday, February 15th.
Here are more details:

Do you have a “bestseller” inside you?  Gladstone Library will be
hosting a Human Library event on February 15, 2017 and we hope that you
will consider participating as a Human Library “interactive book.”

Human library was developed in 2000 as a project for the Roskilde
Festival in Denmark by an idealistic youth organization called “Stop the
Violence.”   A goal for this project was to decrease violence and
stereotypes and to increase understanding between people through
dialogue and communication.  More information about Human Library can be
found at http://humanlibrary.org/

By 2015 over 50 countries around the world have had Human Library
events.  All of them include voluntary participation, safety and respect
for human rights.  The “books” represent different minorities and other
groups of people that face prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and
racism.  Other topics, such as things that matter to you - including
your interests, hobbies, life experiences, job are included too.
February 2017 marks Gladstone library’s 5th Human Library event.

Human library is a place where people are on loan as “interactive
books.” As a Human Library“book”, you will be speaking to and with small
groups of Grade 10 – 12 students (3 – 8 students per group) and will
have approximately 20 minutes with each group.  Each period is 90
minutes long and you will see two groups of students in the morning
and/or three groups of students each period in the afternoon, i.e., you
will see each group for 20 – 25 minutes.  Please volunteer for a day
(10:00 – 15:03); a morning (10:00 – 11:35); an afternoon (12:20 – 15:03)
or a period (10:00 – 10:45; 10:50 – 11:35; 12:20 – 13:40; or 13:45 –
Refreshments and Lunch will be provided. 
Gladstone students look forward to hearing your “bestseller” here at the
Gladstone Secondary library on Wednesday February 15, 2017.   Please let
me know about your participation and also think of a suitable "title"
for your book.

**Rockridge secondary school**

We also have another Outreach opportunity scheduled for early March at
Rockridge Secondary School in Northern Vancouver,  at which we should
like someone to drop by and give a small presentation about TRIUMF and
what we do here (possibly followed up with some fun physics demos). We
currently have the dates Tuesday, March 7th and Thursday, March
9th listed as tentative dates for the visit. 

Your GAPS committee

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