GAPS Trivia Night is back! - join the fun!

gaps at gaps at
Mon Jan 23 15:18:15 PST 2017

Dear grads, postdocs, and coop students,

GAPS is bringing back the ever popular GAPS Trivia Night!

It will be held at the Wesbrook Village Biercraft on Tuesday, January
31, with the questions starting at 7:00pm.

Friends and partners are welcome to join us for this event.  The
questions will be a mix of TRIUMF and other science related questions,
as well as general trivia.  So stack your team with experts of all kinds.

How to join in on the fun?  Form teams of up to 5 and email your team
name and members to gaps at to reserve your spot.  Or, if you
don't have a team, email us and we'll add you to a team that isn't full.

Hope to see many of you there!
GAPS Committee

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