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Wed Jul 12 11:05:01 PDT 2017

Greetings. Here are your latest updates from the GAPS committee!

1. The various roles in the GAPS organizing committee are redistributed
among the members every 6 months. It is my pleasure to introduce the new
GAPS committee members:

Chair: Nir Nevo Dinur
Vice-chair: Brian Kootte
Websight manager: Carla Barquest
Coffee and cookie coordinator: Roger Caballero Folch/Mike Bowry
Photographer: Maryam Mostamand

2. Upcoming Events:
Mark your calendars! (separate emails will be sent out with the details
and registration info)

* Summer BBQ - Saturday July 22
* Well-being Workshop - Wednesday August 9, 12:00-13:30

3. Help us fill the GAPS...

The GAPS committee is composed of volunteers from TRIUMF's graduate
students and postdocs.
Several of our members are leaving TRIUMF and we need your help!
If you would like to help us keep our monthly events running please reply
to this email and/or come by the GAPS committee meeting (Next meeting:
Friday July 21 at noon in the theory seminar room).

You can also help to advertise our events by making sure that all your
colleagues are registered to the mailing lists:

grads at, postdocs at, undergrads at

Brian Kootte for GAPS

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