UBC Radiation Detectors Course (Phys. 531)

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Dear TRIUMF Supervisors, Postdocs, and Students,

A UBC graduate course on Radiation Detectors (Phys.531) will be given 
September to November, 2017 by Prof. Doug Bryman. Visiting students and 
postdocs are welcome to register.

This course is aimed at graduate students (and advanced undergraduates) 
interested in radiation detectors used in experimental particle, nuclear 
and medical physics, and other applications such as space physics and 
condensed matter (e.g. MuSR). It will cover the basics of the 
interactions with matter of charged particles, gamma rays, and neutrons 
and the methods used to detect these particles. Scintillators, 
(inorganic crystals, plastics, fibers), optical sensors (phototubes, 
APDs, MPPCs, etc.), solid state detectors and devices (e.g. Si strips 
and pixels, Ge diodes), gas and liquid tracking detectors (e.g. MWPCs, 
TPCs, GEMs, Micro-megas, liquid argon and xenon detectors), 
calorimeters, Cerenkov and transition radiation detectors are among the 
topics to be addressed. Applications in high energy, nuclear, and 
medical physics (e.g. SPECT, PET) will be emphasized. Students will 
prepare reports and present seminars on topics of interest in their 
research and on advanced detector developments.

More information and an outline of the course are attached.

Douglas Bryman
University of British Columbia

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Andie Lippingwell
Administrative Assistant
Physical Sciences Division
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