Fw: Post-pie, pre-All-Hands-Meeting Meeting, March 14, 2:15 pm

gaps at triumf.ca gaps at triumf.ca
Tue Mar 14 09:33:16 PDT 2017

Dear students,

See forwarded message below.


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Hi everyone,

as most of you should know, there will the the Physical Science Division
All Hands Meeting on Thursday. One of the main points on the announced
schedule is the Q&A session. If you're a postdoc or PhD student at
TRIUMF, especially one connected to ISAC, you should have a lot of
questions. To make sure they are all somehow aligned, we will have a
brief meeting today, March 14 at 2:15, i.e. directly after the Pi day
in the MOB conference room.

Hope to see you there,

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