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Czesc Ania,

Aaron Gallant gave me your contact and said you would be a good person to ask to circulate our postdoc posting at TRIUMF. Please let me know if you would rather have me send it out to someone else. Thank you!


Postdoctoral Researcher in Low-Energy Experimental Nuclear Physics at LLNL

The Nuclear and Particle Physics Group at LLNL invites applications for a postdoctoral researcher to join the group’s programs to study the beta decay of fission products using radioactive-ion beams delivered by the CARIBU facility at Argonne National Laboratory. The successful candidate will become a part of the team’s effort to study the properties of unstable nuclei that are important to astrophysical r-process nucleosynthesis, nuclear energy, and national-security applications. The selected candidate will play a major role in the precision measurements of long-lived fission products utilizing a 4-pi proportional counter and germanium detectors at LLNL and Texas A&M, as well as the development of a new ion-trap system at ANL dedicated to the study of beta-delayed neutron emission. Travel to accelerator facilities such as ATLAS/CARIBU at Argonne National Laboratory and Texas A&M University for experiments will be required.

More details about the position and a link to the application page can be found here:

Any questions about this position should be directed to Karolina Kolos (kolos1 at llnl.gov<mailto:kolos1 at llnl.gov> or 925-422-8075) or Nicholas Scielzo (scielzo1 at llnl.gov<mailto:scielzo1 at llnl.gov> or 925-422-4172).

Closing date: January 15th, 2019.

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