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Dear GAPS members,

GAPS wants to remind you that tax season is upon us once again! April 30,
2018 is the deadline for most Canadian income tax and benefit returns for
2017, but online filing opened yesterday so you can get a head-start

This can be a confusing time, especially if you haven’t dealt with the
Canadian tax system before. We have a few suggestions to get you started.


- Overview from the Government of Canada:
- Although it includes some UBC-specific parts, this page breaks things
down nicely and includes descriptions of what counts as taxable income and
what tax slips you should receive:
- Attached is a one-year-old informational presentation about the Canadian
tax return system, to be used for general info only (anything
year-specific will not necessarily apply to this year!).


- Several tax software options exist to help you file your taxes. A
popular one is Intuit Turbo Tax software, which is free to download and
fairly user-friendly (
Another web-based option is Simple Tax,, which works
in your web browser and is also free.
- If you need some in-person help, H&R Block
( has several offices in
Vancouver. For a fee, you can make an appointment with one of their tax
experts. They’ll sit down with you (bring your receipts!) to help you
file. They also offer student rates.
- If you have a modest income and a simple tax situation, you may be able
to take advantage of volunteers at a free tax preparation clinic. Find out
if you’re eligible:
Clinics in Vancouver:

Good luck and hang in there!

— Your GAPS

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