TRIUMF Stretch & Strength class - FREE for students?!

Eleanor Dunling edunling at
Wed Feb 28 18:24:42 PST 2018

Good afternoon GAPS!
We hope you enjoyed the cookies today! Don’t forget about the pub night at Biercraft tomorrow!
Maybe some of you have heard about the TRIUMF Stretch & Strength classes but we thought it would be great to bring it to your attention once more as there is a possibility for the class to be FREE FOR STUDENTS should the demand be sufficient.
TRIUMF Stretch & Strength is a 45-minute weekly exercise class held during lunchtime in the TRIUMF auditorium focusing on flexibility, core strength, and balance through yoga-like practice. The classes are a wonderful way to reduce rage when your experiment or code isn’t working! See the (very useful) website for more details:
If you are interested in attending please reply to this email so we can propose the opportunity for classes to be free for us students who so desperately need to save all our pennies for rent/food. The fee is currently $4 per class.
We wish you all a lovely evening,
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