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Physical Sciences Division Mixer this Friday!

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Please join us this Friday, June 22nd, for the Physical Sciences Division Mixer in the Auditorium at 2:30pm.

This month’s agenda is as follows:

  *   Jens Dilling – Division updates (15 minutes);
  *   Q&A with Jens (10 minutes);
  *   Phil Jones – The New TSOP-10 (15 minutes);
  *   Jason Holt – “The beta decay puzzle” (20 minutes – abstract as noted below)
  *   Discussion period w/ pizza, courtesy of the Theory Department (30 minutes)

Please forward this message to any new or temporary Physical Sciences members that may have been missed.

We hope to see you there!

The Mixer Committee


The beta decay puzzle – Jason Holt

β-decay, the familiar process that changes a neutron into a proton (and vice versa), is the dominant decay mode of atomic nuclei and offers a unique window to physics beyond the standard model. But it turns out that for over 50 years, there has been a persistent mystery: observed β-decay rates are always systematically smaller than theoretical predictions. The origin of this “quenching” is unknown and explanations are often controversial, some even claiming to modify the fundamental coupling constant gA in the nucleus. I will discuss this puzzle and a newly proposed first-principles solution that appears to be consistent with experiment up to mass A=100.

Allayne McGowan
Administrative Assistant – Physical Sciences Division
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