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Thu Jun 28 15:06:23 PDT 2018

Hi GAPS members,

TRIUMF’s graphic designer, Diana Castaneda, is currently looking at ways of providing reliable templates for scientific posters to GAPS members. We’re hopeful that this could lead to all of us wasting less time fighting with templates, and could help us produce nicer-looking, clearer posters with minimal design-related headaches.

In order to help, Diana needs some data from you! We’ve prepared a six-question survey that you can find here: . If you could take ~1 minute to answer the questions, it would give Diana what she needs to move forward on a project that will hopefully benefit all GAPS members.

We’d love to get this data to Diana as soon as possible, so your prompt responses are very much appreciated. Feel free to also reply to this email with comments, questions or concerns.

Thanks as always!

- Your GAPS
The Graduate Students and Postdocs Society (GAPS) at TRIUMF is committed to fostering a sense of community among the graduate students and postdocs, and developing an infrastructure to support their needs.

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