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Since so many of us don't get the site-wide emails, we're passing this on. Apologies to those who already received this.

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Subject: Director's Office : Nov 1 special visit by the Prime Minister RE. Timing, tips, and special requests

Dear TRIUMF Community,

We're thrilled to host The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, at TRIUMF tomorrow (November 1, 2018) afternoon, especially during our 50th anniversary, and to have opportunity to share his visit with the TRIUMF community. The Prime Minister is scheduled to arrive at 2:10 pm, but we’ll need to be in position in and around the Meson Hall well before this (PLEASE SEE DETAILS BELOW).

This visit is being planned by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), so I especially want to thank everyone for your flexibility and understanding in accommodating the various requests, in your help with preparations, and for keeping the news of this special visit confidential.

As we make final preparations, we wanted to share a few requests from PMO, considerations, and tips to help align everyone (PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY!):

- We are required to be in position ahead of the Prime Minister’s scheduled arrival on site. **As such, everyone is to be in their designated spot in the Meson Hall and/or tent no later than 1:45 pm.** While we're aiming to keep the Prime Minister’s program to time, some of these things are beyond our control. We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and understanding for any periods of "hurry up and wait."  Remarks may not start until 2:30 pm, with wrap up expected around 3:00 pm.

- For those who participated in the positioning survey before 6:00 pm this past Monday, October 29th, you will be contacted by email later this afternoon and notified of where to position yourself (specific location in Meson Hall or tent). In the forthcoming email, you’ll also be provided with a contact for info about exit routes and mustering.

- If you did not participate in the survey, or if you do not receive an email before 5:00 pm today with an assignment to a specific location, you are invited to view the announcement from the tent are near the Meson Hall loading bay. We strongly encourage you to attend this historic event. If you have questions about where you will be located during the event, please contact Carla Rodrigo at crodrigo at triumf.ca.

- Immediately following the remarks, the Prime Minister will take questions from the media in attendance for about 15 minutes. This is his only media availability for the day, and questions can be on any topic, and may not necessarily relate to his visit to TRIUMF. We are asked to stay in position throughout this time, and only leave the Meson Hall and tent area in a coordinate manner after the Prime Minister makes his exit. This will likely be around 3:00 pm.

- Please ensure you are wearing your access card in a visible location all day on November 1.

- We're looking forward to sharing the excitement of this visit with the TRIUMF community and there will be photographers here to capture special moments -- both for TRIUMF and the Prime Minister. We’ll share these photos with the TRIUMF community in the days following the visit. To that end, PMO has asked explicitly that we limit photography to official photographers and registered members of the press, **so please refrain from taking photos of any kind, and leave your cameras (and perhaps your phones too) in your office throughout the visit.**

- The visit is limited to TRIUMF staff, students, and a select number of invited guests. While we’re delighted to share this visit with the TRIUMF Community, please do not extend invitations to family, friends, and/or external guests.

- We'd like to present our best selves tomorrow for Canada’s Prime Minister, yet still reflect who we are as a community. Recommended attire is smart casual. As Remembrance Day is approaching, we encourage you to wear a poppy. And don’t forget your TRIUMF socks!

- How to address the Prime Minister: Should you happen to find yourself in conversation with the Prime Minister, please address him as "Prime Minister" or "Mr. Prime Minister" for your initial introduction.

Once again, thank you to everyone for giving their time, energy, and enthusiasm to prepare for this visit. Tomorrow should be an exciting day and memorable experience.

Looking forward to it!

Jonathan A. Bagger
TRIUMF Director

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