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Wed Sep 5 07:38:28 PDT 2018

Do you sometimes forget why you do what you do and how EXCITING your research actually is?
Also - Do you feel bad for not calling your Grandma as often as you should? Do you and want to feel better about yourself?
We have the cure!!!

GAPS and TRIUMF have arranged to give a series of 15-minute mini-lectures at for our senior-citizen neighbors at the Wesbrook Village Tapestry Home / UNA community center, in the months leading up to New Year's Eve.
If you’d be willing to give just a few minutes of your time to talk about cool physics and brightening the day of some old people by sacrificing 15 minutes of your time to talk about cool physics PLEASE volunteer!

Seriously - if you are even remotely interested in doing this lovely thing please email us regardless of your availability/work load (c'mon, we're all busy), how uninteresting you think your research is (the topics are flexible), or how bad you think your English is (you got a job here so you must be decent) - we really just want to do something nice for our elderly neighbors this fall and winter

We want GAPS to be a rewarding community for all members; free cookies, coffee, pizza, and support from your peers - all things I’m sure which we hope make your life a tiny bit easier! If you want to give something back? Then this is the perfect opportunity!!!

Please email Nick ASAP to let us know you’re interested: neesker at<mailto:neesker at>

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