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We are excited to announce the launching of the "learn-data-science" study group.  We will meet in the Theory Seminar Room (MOB) every other Wednesday at 3:30 pm,  alternating with the nuclear Journal-club, and starting on September 26th.  Light refreshments for both the ISAC Journal club and the Learn Data Science (LDS) groups are provided courtesy of GAPS.

Many of you have already joined our Mailman mailing list<http://lists.triumf.ca/mailman/listinfo/learn-data-science>, called "learn-data-science".  If not, our door is always open to new subscribers (no soliciting!).  Relevant materials will be regularly uploaded to a corresponding "learn-data-science" Outlook Team-page (still in-progress).

Based on our subscribers' input, we have determined the aim and structure of the meetings.  The core of the study-group are several committed "student-teachers" who will take turns teaching lessons to the rest of the group from existing on-line courses, aiming to "pass" them (these courses are free, but it is possible to pay to be assessed for official credit).  Additional time outside the meetings is expected in order to properly follow the course.

Several dedicated individuals have already committed to the task, but more are welcome!  The next meeting will be critical - as we learn and discuss the differences<https://coolcollegehelpers.com/udemy-vs-edx-coursera-udacity/> between machine-learning courses provided by Coursera<https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning> (or deeplearning.ai<https://www.deeplearning.ai/>) and edX<https://www.edx.org/course/machine-learning-fundamentals> (or other edX<https://www.edx.org/course/machine-learning-columbiax-csmm-102x-0>) and decide which course to follow!  If you are considering dedicating your time to this - either as a student, a student-teacher, or even just an occasional auditor - please join us and have your say!

Occasionally we may also host guest speakers irrespective of course progress.  We will continue to announce the topic of our next meeting to the broader community so that anyone may choose to attend.  We think and hope that it would be useful to attend any or all the meeting, and we leave it for everyone (except our "teachers") to decide on their level of commitment.

We hope to see you there!

David Livermore (for the LDS study group)
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