Post-doc Lecture Series 2018

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Thu Sep 27 14:04:26 PDT 2018

We are please to announce the upcoming Postdoc Lecture Series on High Energy Physics, given by Alyssa Montalbano

Here is the course outline, scheduled for Mondays at 2:00pm, beginning Oct 15

If you are interested in attending the lectures, please sign up using this link:<>
Note that signing up is not required to attend the lectures, but it helps us in planning, and you can receive course-related emails (e.g. if a lecture is rescheduled).

Course topic lecture plan:

  1.  Higgs Physics
  2.  Neutrino Physics
  3.  Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics
  4.  B Physics
  5.  Beyond the Standard Model Physics
  6.  Dark Matter Experiments

We hope to see you at the lecture series!

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