Coffee, Cookies, Fruit, and an important clarification

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Wed Jan 23 13:00:33 PST 2019

(The important clarification, in case you were wondering:)

A little while ago TRIUMF hired a consultant to assist with work permit and visa issues, there was a rumor that this contract has ended.  This is NOT the case, and TRIUMF still has this consultant on contract if you need assistance with issues related to your work permit or visa.



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Hello all!

This is you friendly reminder that we will be having our usual coffee and cookies and fruit today at 4:30 in the ISAC-II conference room!

Upcoming Events:

  *   Medical Isotope tour Jan 29th!  To reserve a spot contact Bruno Olaizola Mampaso <bruno.olaizola at<mailto:bruno.olaizola at>>
  *   WNPPC Practice talks!  If you're planning on presenting at WNPPC and would like to practice your presentation and get some feedback, we will be having a practice session coming up (probably Feb 8th, we will keep you updated).

This week's quote:
"Not only is the universe stranger than we think, it's stranger than we can think." - Werner Heisenberg

-Your Gaps

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