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Dear Colleagues,

The National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL<http://nscl.msu.edu/index.php>) invites applications from outstanding candidates for a fixed-term Research Associate (postdoctoral researcher) position in the area of experimental nuclear astrophysics, who will work in the research group of Prof. Christopher Wrede on measurements of beta-delayed charged particle and gamma-ray emissions using the Gaseous Detector with Germanium Tagging (GADGET). The successful candidate will work closely with the other members of the GADGET collaboration on the upgrade of GADGET’s Proton Detector into a Time Projection Chamber. The primary scientific motivation for the upgrade is to determine the rate of the 15O(•,•)19Ne reaction during thermonuclear runaways on accreting neutron stars in order to accurately model the corresponding X-ray bursts detected by space-based telescopes.

NSCL is one of the world’s flagship nuclear science research facilities. The Laboratory’s research program is broad: fast, stopped, and reaccelerated beams of rare-isotopes are available to address key scientific questions concerning the creation of the elements in the cosmos, the limits of nuclear stability, the properties of nuclei with extreme neutron-to-proton ratios, and the equation of state of neutron-rich nuclear matter as it may exist inside neutron stars. Postdoctoral researchers play an important role in expanding, improving and utilizing the world-class experimental capabilities at the Laboratory. Experimentalists often work closely with theorists in the Laboratory and beyond and projects can involve high-performance computing.

NSCL is part of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beam (FRIB)<https://www.frib.msu.edu/> Laboratory, which aspires to become the world’s leading laboratory for education and research in rare isotope science, in accelerator science, and in applications of rare isotopes to meet societal needs. To realize this vison, the FRIB Laboratory builds on the expertise and the achievements of NSCL as it establishes FRIB, which will extend the frontier of nuclear science through unprecedented discovery potential.

Research Associate positions are typically for two years, depending on the availability of funds. Renewal for the second year is based on a performance evaluation. A third year is possible, subject to funding and satisfactory performance evaluations.
Desired Qualifications

  *   Experience developing radiation detection systems
  *   Experience with Micromegas and/or Time Projection Chambers
  *   Experience with General Electronics for TPCs (GET) system
  *   Experience with ROOT and/or GEANT4 software
  *   Interest in nuclear astrophysics and experience with nucleosynthesis network calculations

Read full details, and apply online at: http://careers.msu.edu/cw/en-us/job/502032/research-associatefixed-term

Review of applications will begin immediately and the search will continue until the positions are filled. General questions regarding the position may be sent to the Associate Director for Experimental Science, Sean Liddick (liddick at nscl.msu.edu<mailto:liddick at nscl.msu.edu>); specific research questions should be sent to Prof. Christopher Wrede (wrede at nscl.msu.edu<mailto:wrede at nscl.msu.edu>).

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