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Subject: LSPEC 2019 - Student Poster Competition

Dear Colleagues,

In conjunction with the Life Sciences Projects Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) meeting, we will be having a student poster session open to any current or recently graduated students (even if they are not presenting at the LSPEC meeting). If you are a student who uses TRIUMF resources we strongly encourage you to participate. This is an opportunity to meet with our international LSPEC members who will review each poster and vote on a winner. (Prize to be determined).

Posters can be new or recycled from recent symposia, but there should be a focus on results enabled by the resources provided by TRIUMF.

A copy of the agenda for the LSPEC meeting will be circulated in the coming weeks. But for now, please note that the poster session will take place in the afternoon of Thursday, June 13th, 2019 in TRIUMF's Auditorium. Students must RSVP to lifesciences at triumf.ca<mailto:lifesciences at triumf.ca> and include the following information:
*             Poster title
*             Presenting student
*             Supervisor(s)
*             Affiliation

Please feel free to pass this message along to your students, classmates, or anyone else that may be interested in this poster session.

All the best,
Gloria Botelho
On behalf of Paul Schaffer

Gloria Botelho
Life Sciences - Administrative Assistant
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