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Hi everyone,

Another reminder to please sign up for helping with tech support during Science Week! We need lots of volunteers still. Please sign up ASAP, as we need the volunteer list finalized by Monday the 10th.

If we don't get enough volunteers, then supervisors will be called on to volunteer their students and postdocs directly. So, you'll probably be assigned to do this anyways, but if you sign up now, you can choose which sessions you attend!


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Hi all,

The TRIUMF Science Week organizing committee is looking for several students and postdocs to help with tech support during the upcoming TRIUMF Science Week (Aug. 17th - 21st). General responsibilities for GAPS tech support during a session would include:

- Making sure that all presentations are ready (and/or uploaded) before the session
- Downloading and storing copies of all presentations from a given session (backup in case of any technical glitches on the speaker side)
- VClock sitting (breaks & no show)
- Monitoring the chat room for questions and passing them on to the session chair
- Monitoring the chat room for zoom-bombers

Linked below is a sheet where you can see a schedule of sessions/talks, as well as a "Volunteers Schedule" tab for signing up for helping a session. We need 2 volunteers per session, and you can sign up for multiple sessions. Please only sign up in the Volunteers Schedule tab so we can keep all responses organized!

Thank you in advance for signing up to help us and the Science Week organizing committee; hopefully, you'll use this as an opportunity to attend some talks you might not have otherwise.

Thanks again,
    - Your GAPS<>

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