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Tue Jan 7 20:02:08 PST 2020

Dear grads and postdocs,

Work permits and visas are a big concern to many of us, and we’ve frequently heard from you that the process of dealing with immigration-related matters like these at TRIUMF could be smoother. In order to communicate our concerns to HR, we’ll be meeting with Ian Doyle on Thursday. To make this discussion as productive as possible, it would be very helpful to have accounts of instances in which TRIUMF HR has not dealt satisfactorily (in your view) with an immigration-related issue.

 Some examples to get you thinking:

- Did you have any trouble arriving at TRIUMF for the first time?
- When trying to renew a work permit, have you been forced into implied status because of delays on the part of HR?
- Have you had to flagpole? Do you think it could have been avoided through some action on behalf of TRIUMF HR?
- Have you sought advice from HR or the immigration consultant and been unsatisfied with what you received?
- Do you have complaints about other miscellaneous items like contract expiry, unnecessary delays, lack of information, mistakes you think were made, etc.?

If so, please take a few minutes and jot down some details of your case, then send it to gaps at<mailto:gaps at> by this Thursday (yes, two days from now… it can be brief!). Some things to keep in mind as you go:

- Point-form is fine.
- Dates (even just months) are useful.
- Make your story as clear as possible: What do you think was mishandled, and how did it affect you?

Your help is appreciated a lot, and will help us make changes faster.

- Your GAPS

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